About the Artist

Hello! I’m Kerri McDermott, an illustrator, designer, writer, and picture book maker.

My focus is creating children’s picture books, which I fell in love with as a kid. Early favorites include Little Bear and Where the Sidewalk Ends, and they’re still on my shelf. I also enjoy all kinds of decorative paper goods and textiles, so surface pattern design and lettering are both passions of mine. 

I work with a wide range of materials and techniques, often making things by hand. However, my images are usually a mixture of traditional and digital elements. I work with care and attention to detail from start to finish. I value artistry, timeliness, input and kind genuine humans, especially ones with a good sense of humor.

I love my job! Every day presents a different challenge to keep me on my toes. Recently, I started making little animations which are ridiculously addictive. I’m also currently working on a nonfiction picture book about New Orleans jazz, something close to my heart. When I’m not at my drawing desk, you can find me at a concert, in the mountains or eating award-winning croissants while doodling notes about future projects.

A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a little red-haired girl born in Omaha, Nebraska. That’s me. As a kid, I liked to dance, draw, watch Saturday cartoons and dress up in costumes with my best friend. After high school, I studied graphic design, left my heart in New Orleans, got my first real job at an ad agency, backpacked in Europe, went broke, got my heart broken, moved to Grand Cayman, didn’t move to Costa Rica, moved back home to finish school, got a nursing license, studied literature, finally graduated, worked for years in oral surgery, thought a lot about becoming a doctor but dreamed of being an artist, pursued an MFA in Illustration, graduated again, married a music man, and now I live an artist’s life in San Francisco, happily ever after.

About the Studio

Kerri McDermott Studio is an illustration and design studio creating work for children’s publishing, children’s decor, editorial, fabric, party paper, and stationery.

How can I help with your next project? I’m always looking for new creative opportunities. Please reach out!

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Please direct children's book inquiries to Linda Pratt at Wernick & Pratt Agency.
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